Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Things I Had To Share This Week

Hey There - These are things I came across LOVE .... and had to share with you all!

Samosa Chat

Trust me it's stunning!
Love This White Travel Set - Clean Fresh - Imagine So Many Possibilities! Charming Charlie

SAY HI TO "@abethenewfoundland" my BEAR rug! LOL He turned 1 in Dec. 

OK Kids - Off to the races today - clean - pack - Abe to babysitter and finish packing - Big Sky here we come! 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Gift Guide Big & Small 2016


Here's a list of cool gifts to give and receive this Holiday season! Check them out - link below as well!  Happy Gifting!  Comment Below for chance to win 2 great prizes just in time for New years - US residents only due to shipping restraints.  

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Saloniture Professional Multi-purpose Salon Chair / Massage Table with Adjustable Stool   Santa - I really would love this in my spa/basement area to give and receive massage & facials! 

What's on your lists?  Let me know - one lucky person will win +NARS Cosmetics  Matte lipstick in Red color "iberico"and +Essie France nail polish a gold glitter in "summit of style" just in time for New Years Eve.  
Comment for chance to win - winner picked Christmas Eve. Dec. 24th!  Good luck! 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Dreaming of a Pink Christmas!

Well Hello There,

This post is a "just cuz" one.  If you know me; you know I love the colors Pink, White, Black and adore me some Glitter!  So all these "faux" Christmas trees that have been on trend lately just make me plain happy - plus pre-lit and no needles, use again next year, win win.  (I know dad nothing beats real but........) 

Gosh I love a White pre-lit with white lights tree or even a bubble gum pink tree!  Que angels singing!  "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" check out these examples I found online surfing.

Putting up our tree this weekend - a bit late this year due to travel and family priorities.  With our pup Abe @abethenewfoundland still just using the 6ft White Tree I purchased from Walmart few years back!  Want to get Pink Tree too but may wait and see how he handles the ornaments this year first.  

Trying to set up family picture tomorrow as well - its just gonna be Abe, Mike and myself.  Since kids grown and outta house all over the place this will have to do.  Check instagram tomorrow for that one!  Tell me how your gonna decorate - do you have more than one tree?  Traditional, rustic, modern, vintage..... I'd love to see your pictures and get your thoughts .

Sending Big Warm Hugs Your Way!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

holiday Season 2016

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Everyone!

Finishing up my shopping but this rain and ice making for rough go of it today.  My children are grown, my mom passed several years ago - family spread out all over so the holidays take on a new meaning for me.

This year I am beginning a new tradition of adopting a few families in need over the holiday season and taking on job as ELF in training and trying my best to help Santa fulfill their Christmas List.  What better way to feel the spirit of Christmas, right?  I know it sounds cliche but I really am getting so much more out of this than I can put into words.  God has blessed me so much that I just want to give.  Give back, give my time, give my help, just GIVE of myself.  

However while doing my "elf duties" feeling like this calls for a fantastic RED LIP & some festive clothes.  Get me more in the mood.  So take a minute to smile more, pause and admire all the lights & decor and to tell those near and dear how much you love them.

Below is just a little vignette I created on Polyvore (love you Poly)!  That makes me smile.  Crazy for +Kevyn Aucoin lip pencils, lipsticks and glosses - +NYX Professional Makeup has some great products too on the cheap people - 
"FO REAL"!  So bundle up today my friends - throw on a perfect smile, grab a loved one, get some hot cocoa and have a great weekend!   

holiday Season 2016

I hope this season brings you peace, love, joy and a renewed sense of kindness to your fellow man.

Uploading guest room progress this week - be on the lookout on my Instagram, FB & twitter feeds!  Cheers!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hi Guys Finally Back

Hi There!

So my sabbatical lasted a bit longer than expected - sometimes "life happens" but happy to say I am back and really excited about this Fall / Winter 2016 season.  I have been really changing my diet and my tummy thanks me!  Tons of veggies, green soups & quinoa tons of ways.  My new favorite Mike (the hubby) showed me is to saute garlic, almonds, quinoa  ( kinda toast the grain) than add your water and simmer for 12 min. - always go 2-3 min less than they say!  We added curry powder, cayenne, cardamon and it is flippin fabulous ladies!  I add it to my salads ( will be sharing great new salads ) soups and just by it self.  

Focusing on health - my diet is pretty much in order just need to exercise regularly and increase energy.  I am getting hormone levels checked again this month and dealing with normal changes,  I don't want to get crazy but yet I want to be best version on ME!

The restaurant's and doing well - we added a full bar and table service to our newest Black Hog BBQ  and its wonderful - just working on more marketing and my photography game is stepping up.  I am crazy about photography and videography so doing little projects every day - ck out some photos I took......

Found new great lens on Amazon so I am saving up for it to use for video's - it focuses way better and you cant hear it on your video!  "I love you Amazon!" 

I also loved this article on +goop  about Linda Rodin very inspiring especially to me to have example of a strong beautiful women reinventing herself and still creating after 40!  I'm gonna be 47 in November and its a bit daunting.....

Another update - I am honored to be on the B.O.D. of Miss International US for MD, DC, & VA - great networking, bonding learning experience for young ladies ages 19 - 29!  Hoping to secure the new MGM Grand National Harbor as our venue - keeping fingers crossed.  Using my marketing skill, makeup artist and networking to add to this already wonderful pageant!

Well that's it for today gang - gonna begin doing my Fluidity Workouts again.  Such small yet powerful movements - great for along lean and lifted body!  Salad and Soup recipe will follow tomorrow!  Missed everyone - happy to be back!