Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Building UP MY New Closet

Closet cleared out & now the fun part - building new wardrobe!  I am a lucky girl in that @ home I have my office/ TV room & attached is a little piece of heaven my dressing / spa area. (pictures on my Instagram)  Here is where I get to let my creativity shine!  Play with all my things mix and match... take pictures - try new products - dress up - paint etc... So it is the perfect spot to really see what works on me and what doesn't.  As time goes on - obviously what I wore 10 years ago mostly doesn't work ...yet i want to stay trendy, confident & sexy.  By now we know our bodies & hopefully making piece with it ( work in progress for me - LOL ).

I am petite only 5"3 so this requires specific tricks key word... tailoring!    However I feel tailoring is key for all women - as our bodies change we want to highlight our positives.  It can be the success or failure to your look.  Having a trusted tailor is a must at my age quite frankly.  It can make an inexpensive TJMAXX find look designer.  As well as that great piece you acquire fit like a glove.

So what i do is tuck, trim, cut and alter a large portion of my wardrobe, including jeans, dresses, T-shirts... You get the idea.

Below are some Spring/Summer things I just added to my newly cleaned closet - I went to Lord & Taylor and stumbled across a great sale.  Good pieces that don't break the bank.  Yet fit my age and body type - This is the start of my "short list" of wardrobe essentials... classics with a modern twist. ( gonna skip the LBD white shirt etc... goes w/out saying) -
PS.I'd love to hear what your "GOTO" pieces are

  • Wrap dress - different colors Black of course but ck out MUST of week - just ordered it - color is fantastic
More pieces to come - check back later today for a great @home facial mask - that De-Puff's , exfoliates, and makes you glow - Hint - Do right after your morning coffee....