Monday, June 17, 2013

Hi Everyone,
Hope you all had a great fathers weekend.  Love to all the DAD's out there - Especially my dad Ron!  Love you tons!
Day 6 of elimination phase of - feeling a lot lighter have more energy & sleeping like a baby!  However I am still doing 2 cups coffee in a.m. & really craving sugar. I just caved a little with Welch's Fruit Snacks yesterday & Twizzler"s cherry bites - I read some people stay on the elimination part for more than a week - Ummm Hello Dr. Junger I think that's gonna be me.... I had no idea my sugar cravings were going to be so strong.  Dairy easy to give up - red meat no problem - bread etc...but not my SUGAR.....

Closet clean out going really well - the Sgt. Pepper jacket gone, sold @ yard sale.  The size 0 jeans i have been holding onto - you know the one's you have - they mock you all the time lurking there.  You think yeah i'll fit into them again one day....GONE! BTW I tried them on one more time as some sort of last ditch effort and taking them off was no small feat.  It was like wrestling a monkey!

Anyway, all the stuff I'm not using is out of the house today and was sold at our humble little yard sale.  Seems my closet cleaning & elimination diet - inspired me to get rid of all sorts of things that were takng up space in my house & head.  So I'm starting off the week cleaning and taking stock of things.  Im headed to the Mecca of organization the later.  I get so inspired there.  Also check out an online store i came across for some other great options.  Updating more later.
Later today posting new product review for the Derma-Roller  ....One word.... "OUCH"
Have a super Monday.....

Thanks for stopping by,

xoxo Lori