Thursday, June 13, 2013


Today was the perfect day to be "stuck".   I just dropped my oldest son off at Union Station on way back to VTech & it was pouring rain.  I mean buckets!!!  Thank goodness for my new Hunter Boots - Thank you, Alicia L Boutique

I figured if i couldn't be in my comfy bed with snacks & a movie....what better place than the Mall?  Besides, keeping myself busy - headache setting in from ELIMINATION DIET.  (see yesterday post)  I had the cosmetic department of Neiman Marcus all to myself.  Talk about a kid a candy store.

So I have been on the look out for a new pale pink lipstick.  Sometimes as you age they say you cant wear pale lips - NOT TRUE... You just have to be careful - more smooth & shiny than matte.  I have been wearing a lot of the trendy coral red/orange's lately - love them !  I mean the MAC lip pencil LASTING SENSATION so great!  I line my entire lip and than just put balm over - or NARS in LOVE DEVOTION & dont even get me started on TOM FORD in WILLFUL - pale eye make-up.... I could go on but lets get back to task at hand -

Today it is pale pink lips  - for summer
Also received sample of Perricone MD - COLD PLASMA EYE - heard great things im excited to try....
More later.......
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