Monday, July 22, 2013

Don't Help Gravity - Fight It!

Hey there,

It’s been a busy & fun weekend – we have been all over DC, MD & VA lately trying everything.  We
went to Red Apron in VA. It is a wonderful little butchery not seen often in our parts & worth it!  

So this is just a quick post. Yet one that for all of us concerned about aging, sagging faces and trying to halt it in it's tracks. This my friends, is a friendly ALERT! 

I was watching some entertainment news show (cant remember which one) Hoda & Kathy Lee maybe?.... Anyway right to the point
– all that texting, iPhone searching, tablet reading, walking searching for contact numbers is causing people to have early onset sagging jowls.  Too much looking down people! Faces drooping faster than ever before.  So hold your phones up – heads high & fight gravity.  Once I heard this and went to txt again, it stopped me in my tracks.  Just sayin…

Thanks for stopping by,

PS Closet / Dressing Room tour later - finally getting the hang of my new camera - yeah!!!!