Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Get together's

Hello Dahling's,

Been busy around here - still organizing - "Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in" Godfather 3....I'm hooked on it now.  Sold things off Craig's list, had yard sales, Give to church & Goodwill.  My husband and I are very different however.  He's like a band aid and just Rips It Off - gone in the trash etc...while I look, revisit things make sure I don't want them - reminisce over items.  Oh well what's a girl to do.  It does make me look at the way, why & how I use things.  Moving to my next topic.... Summer soiree's.  

They should be easy, fun & give you the chance to be part of the party not a slave to it.  I like a beautiful rustic table - dish clothes as your napkins or linen's of different colors - burlap.  Using a bench or sideboards as your drink station.  I adore groupings.... water bottles ( Perrier is a fav -love the green ).  Utensils in mason jars or galvanized buckets.  Mini candles.  I move art/pictures around so guests can see them - maybe lean by the drink station or use picture wire and hang from a tree.  Mini vignette's.  I buy inexpensive rug's & use as table runner's.  Think outside the box.... Here are a few pic's I love.  Hope it inspires you!  


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