Tuesday, April 29, 2014

JCrew = Jimmy Choo Ummmm No Thanks

Hello All,
Just need to have vent a little - Have you noticed that our little @J.Crew's prices have crept up & up?  I just saw a few items that are just stopping me in my tracks.....
Below note the:  Penelope Pumps by Sophia Webster - Cost... $595 
Pardon me but isn't J.Crew supposed to be clothes for "the people"  accessible to almost all?  Isn't that why our First lady is such a big fan......  everyone sang her praises because she shopped there and not designers?  I am very disappointed with this trend from #Jcrew.  Next sunglasses:  A.R. TRAPP 3489 SUNGLASSES $450.00
The list could go on and on..... yes still some items affordable but I think everything is creeping up slowly but surely.

 I really used to admire Jcrew for having quality items at reasonable prices - not designer ones.....  Don't fall for it people - we are being HAD.  To top it off - I stopped in to the two locations located at Tyson's Galleria in VA.  When I entered the Mens Shop for Jcrew the staff did not even say one word to me.  And I was in the mood to shop!!!!!  I have 3 boys and a husband.  My oldest works in Historic Alexandria and wanted to get him some casual office wear - thanks for the help.... NOT.  When I entered the women's shop it was not much better.... Just saying......  Than to top that off with this huge increase in prices.  I don't think I will be back for quite some time. 
It seems I am not the only one questioning J.Crew and their direction these days:  HAS J.CREW GONE TOO FAR??????

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