Saturday, May 24, 2014


Ok - so you have heard me sing the praises of IKEA for quite sometime now - but this time go round I am struggling.  I was able to get items and be in/out in 35min.  A record somewhere.... but I can not seem to get motivated to put it all together.  I have 4 pieces to make my vanity area etc.. and have only been able to sit and put two things together.  This is how the rest has sat now for over a week - close to two!  Uggggggg  I am not sure what the block is - but I just look at it and run away.  Someone send me my "Ikea mojo" back.  I really need to do it to finish organizing my dressing / office area but - just not happening.  I mean I will do just about anything else.   I sit here now writing and its right next to me - mocking me.  
On another happier note - more of my new furniture was delivered.  (already put together - LOL)  It has been taking forever but I adore what I chose and it looks so great in here.  
Check out my loft area.  No pillows / or cabinet yet - they will bring more color to the room.  But I do have my #todiefor Pink Suede Chair and my lovely chaise - plus my "POUF" - "why the pouf?"   I have been asked.......just because.  It makes me happy!

Below you can see the family room - I need a rug and some colorful accessories but loving it so far!  I am really happy with the laying of the gray's and browns and neutrals!
Next week I am supposed to get my bed and dining room table - we can only hope.......  I can't wait to get everything together and have some girlfriends over and maybe convince Mike (my husband/chef/restauranteur) to whip us up a few apps etc..... hint, hint Mike.  Well that's all from me this morning - gonna take a walk and whip up some "huevos" for Mike & I.