Friday, May 23, 2014

My Soup Turned Out DLish!

Hi All,

Well I ended up making soup on the rainy off & on again day and If I do say so myself It tuned out sooooo good!  I made a white bean & cauliflower soup. 
So easy - thought I'd share

1/2onion chopped and sauteed
3gloves garlic chopped sauteed (after onion is started & clear)
Add 1/2 head of cauliflower and sauté till lightly browned
crushed red pepper to taste ( I like it spicy ) 
chicken stock 3cups (homemade or store bought just low sodium no msg etc...)
top with water ( i use bottled water for my soups - just cuz ) till pot is 2/3'd full ( a smidgen more) 
Garlic powder 1/4 tsp
two cans of cannellini beans ( drained ) 
2 bay leaves
2 springs of rosemary & thyme 
bring to boil 
S&P again to taste ( I try and keep it very low sodium )
last 5 minute add some greens - aruguala or spinach (a hand full or two )  
Serve topped with fresh parmesan cheese and for me more crushed red pepper flakes
Bon appétit

I think I going to order a home treadmill this weekend from Nordictrack they have a great sale going on and free shipping - looking at the 2450 Tredmill (commercial series) & the Jillian Anderson "RampUp" series and just seems I have not been using my gym membership.  Its only 10 min. from my home but when I get the energy to workout - something ends up sidetracking me so if its right in my basement I can pop off & on much easier plus the whole family can use it...... that's my story and sticking with it - LOL

BLINDS ARE BEING INSTALLED TODAY!!!!! Thank goodness - I have been living in a fishbowl - no real neighbors yet but I still have to do army crawl at night from bath to thank you Hunter Douglas

Playing with some "falsies" this weekend - MAC vs Ardell (the classic)