Sunday, August 10, 2014


Hello Out There In Blogger Land.....

Ok - quick post - just wanted to share with you all....  A few weeks ago I purchased CELLFOOD & CELLFOOD FOR WEIGHT LOSS  from the The Common Market - Frederick, MD.  There is a gym next door and I always noticed very fit women buying the stuff - so I asked one young women and she said "it is fantastic"..... so being the women that I am - I said great and grabbed a bottle!  I started with the weightloss formula - you take it at night and in the few weeks of taking it - I am sleeping like a baby.  I add it to glass of water I keep next to me as I take my nightly hot bath w/Epsom Salts & Baking Powder.  ( great detox BTW - post on detox bath's next week )

I started to notice my tummy was getting flatter and not craving sugar as much....... that's HUGE for me people!!!  I have always been a sugar junkie.  I mean straight up Pixie sticks - chased w/ a coke!  LOL Anyway, I went 10 days ago and picked up the original formula as well.  You take that during the day up to 3x's I am doing just 2 right now - LOVE IT!  Not quite sure how its all works but lets just say - I feel lighter - clothes are fitting better - my digestion is improved ( I am taking a probiotic from vitamin shoppe too) - so you be the judge - but I am liking it that's for sure!  It's also starting that PMS time for me and not nearly the bloating etc a little but not much..... JUST SAYING.....

So if you have any thoughts or comments I'd love to hear them. 

Hope your weekend is going great - get out there people and get your grove on!  #cheers #ilovefrederickmaryland #feelingblessed #feelinghappy

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