Friday, August 29, 2014


Hello Out There,

Fall is just around the corner and so is NYFW ( New York Fashion Week )!  So I always get excited - beyond excited really .  It is like "back to school shopping"  from back in the day - I get such a rush!  And don't even get me started on my obsession of all the 5lb magazines that are out - for Septmeber!
I buy at least 8 ( don't judge me - I recycle for research, give to friends & my mother in-law who works at the local Hospital - she takes some there!) Back to school it was always Gina - (my bestie from HS) and I talking endlessly - going over all the details "ok what are you gonna wear"? - modeling our outfits - w/shoes - hair the whole nine yards.... LOVED IT SO.  Ya know, some of us happily stumble upon our passion's early in life.  I know I sure did! ( fashion - decor - food - makeup - travel ) Anyway, this leads me to go back to the series of What's My Style?

Here are a few pieces I am adding to my wardrobe this fall....... classic but of course some fun little numbers as well!

Some kind of Fur
I would love a fur coat so I am working up to it.  This little addition will have to do right now
Rabbit & Fox Fur Boa....

Maybe add a "faux fur jacket" for play ASOS-Vintage-Faux-Fur-Coat

A Classic Camel Coat
I've no idea if the camel coat is a current trend or not....but I don't care - I guess that's what makes it a classic in my's timeless, can be worn by anyone of any age, it can be dressed up or down, it simply looks very elegant. And pretty cool too.  I think it's one of those items that every wardrobe should have.  I used to have a beautifully tailored jacket in camel which came from Bloomingdale's - however my coat was put in the wrong bag during one of my moves and given to Purple Heart..... wahhhhhhh.  Oh well here are some of my favorites - My recent order should be here today!  Will share when it arrives!

Style Tip: Even an everyday style can have instant wow factor if the fit is perfect. Keep your eye on the tailoring, and look for pieces that are detail-driven.  I posted last year re: alterations and the importance of fit - ck it out.

In Love with +HUDSON JEANS  fit, style - adore!  I need a new denim pencil skirt and they have one to DIE for....
also ck out this link for tons of other options ( prices run the gamet ) =denim+pencil+skirt+stretch

Over the Knee Boot

Im only 5"3 but I love this look - with skinny jeans or leggings maybe even mini and tights! Over The Knee

Finally - driving gloves - I want White Leather & or Camel color

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