Sunday, September 21, 2014

All Over The Place These Days.......

Hi Everyone,

Missed ya lots - I got your messages and my apologies it has been a while since my last post.  I am OK it's just been hectic and my ADD really kicked in!  Boy I didn't realize how much I miss sharing everything with you all.  Thank you all for your concern etc... I have been working on a lot of great posts - videos - etc.  Getting some great education at a few seminars and attending my BOD meetings (gearing up for Xmas busy for Non-profits ) one of which is the The Women's Giving Circle Of Frederick.  We just had our bi-monthly luncheon.  Below myself with Hermine Bernstein of Blessings In A Backpack.  Such a great project - $100 feeds a child for I think 1 years worth of backpack snack foods!!!  Something to that effect - so check it out  it's a no brainier.  I am trying to see how I can possibly help out more.  It was such a pleasure to be at the lunch.

Each time I try and sit somewhere else.  A table where I know no one.  Really getting me out of my comfort zone. It's amazing the women I meet!  Hermine is about 15 years my senior but our lives have such similarities and she was telling me all she did at my age... all the things I want to do at this new "stage" in life.  School being one of them.  She also modeled for specific sports wear lines back in her day (until motherhood put a stop to that - hard to model tennis fashions while being pregnant!)  She really helped me in our short talk about possible paths I'd like to pursue.  I look forward to getting to know her more and sponsoring a backpack or two.  Look at the link above and consider a donation - she is really making a difference to children one backpack at a time!
I also have been busy with out newest location of Black Hog BBQ.  Having our 6 month home inspection blah blah blah.... & we are just finishing up with our last full weekend of summer today!  Although its 75+ degrees by noon my head is not here at all & into fall - Big Time!  So this leads me to...... Taaa Daaa NYFW!

Fashion Week 2014
I know I'm mentioned it several times but I am still editing my closet - doing mini fashion shows - if it doesn't fit or have not had it on in 1 year - "out it goes"... but now with Fall I am adding things.... YIPPIE LORI - those great classic pieces I have discussed that everyone should have.  NYFW was so exciting (to watch on youtube - LOL)  A few shows that are accessible to us mere mortals that I really liked were DVF - I have nothing from Diane Von Furstenberg and its a must for a classic closet.  This fall her collection Rocks!  It is modern, edgy, fun all while being "age appropriate" -classics (not that I always follow that - one should NEVER follow "exact rules" for fashion - makeup - or life for that matter its just a guide.....) See below a little video of the show.

The other show that never fails for me is the Michael Kors Show - had small pops of fur on this collection - which is on my list this year ( yes I love fur and want a coat but I guess baby steps )  Check out the video below.
Really great colors - pieces that I feel will last for several fall seasons to come....

Now switching gears - Fall foods 
I am still "mad" for Mediterranean and Indian foods.  I will be sharing things Mike and I make at home this fall.  Below is a little something I concocted to curb that potato addiction.  I took butternut squash and cubed it - Mike did for me.  It's a hard veggie and almost like pumpkin and he was afraid I'd cut myself - I can be a little clumsy in the kitchen at times.  FYI you can it buy pre-cut in the veggie section for not much more.  So I add olive oil, garlic powder, turmeric, cayenne, cumin, pepper and paprika.  Toss and lay on baking sheet.  Roast @450 for 30 min or so - until crispy and really well caramelized and Voila - a yummy healthy tricking yourself it's a potatoes snack - side whatever.  So fall looking and really fills you up - good fiber in it too (Ummm Yes please)

Here it is below the day after for my lunch - along with a side of tuna salad & my famous chickpea salad....... #cheers
So try it for yourself and let me know.  Roasting root veggies is so simple abut I think we forget about them.  

Gonna hit the treadmill - on day two of my #30daychallange.  Ck out my FB - Instagram.  If I exercise for 30 days straight aka something for 30 min. each day - I am treating myself to a pair Manolo Blahnik's - I've been saving up and this has got to be the season I get my classic pair!  Help root me on - it's also going to coincide with a birthday in Nov.  the big 45.... Whatttttt

Thanks for stopping by,