Saturday, December 13, 2014

Cutest Little Things From ETSY

Hello Everyone,
Well as you know I love me some Etsy and I came across these little numbers that are just too cute not to share - hope you like them.

Ok people how could I not have one of these? A Chanel Lipstick flash drive?  Whaaatttt From Etsy shop Points&Places 

Maybe there is a fashionista in the house - Chanel/YSL/ Louis Vuitton - Manicure and Nail art......101 Little Fingers Shop
So many cute cell phone cases but loving this throw back pay phone @Cases by Zoe Madison

Now for the make-up lover you know - gotta keep it organized Twin Lilies Beauty

Maybe you know a couple who just got married - I bet they'd love enjoy these......Mike & Honey Luxuries

This just plain ROCKS - my mom was a "secretary" for the US Senate and I adored to watch her type.  She was like cool hand Luke - fast as lighting.  I'd love this just to have around - good memories. RETROBURGH
Think I'll end with that one......... Happy shopping everyone.  Enjoy this season!  

Blessings to you and yours - Thanks for stopping by,