Saturday, March 14, 2015

Things Don't Wanna Live Without - I Could But......

Below are some things I have done, had, used almost my whole life and would feel a little lost without them......

  • My Clinique 3step - use other serums but this is a keeper always
  • Hot Baths - I've been know to take several baths in one day - boil hot pots of water to make it hotter - and sit on a towel in a hotel shower if no tub (LOL- kooky I know...)
  • My camera & colored pencils - I love photos, color & design always finding ways to express my love of it all
  • Good Stationary - love sending and receiving handwritten notes - my cross pen too!
  • Dark chocolate w/almonds and a fresh squeezed juice.....

Things Don't Wanna Live Without