Thursday, December 10, 2015

Comment To Win - Picking Today!!!!!!!

Well Hello Darlings,

I really want to take advantage of my studio downtown this year - for my photography as well as videos etc.  I miss being downtown - Frederick is such a great town and so many wonderful people I have been away too long.  So this brings me to my new project.  I am going to update my space there.  Organize better with the great shelves I got from Lowes 

These cool chairs to place in front of my desk for meetings etc.  set of two on $150 - even less right now additional 15% off for the holidays!  WHOA BABY  - I love a sale!!!!!!!!!!

Also need to paint my accent wall - it is Bright Pink - I'm thinking more subdued dark lavender - opposing walls dk warm gray than adding some twinkle lights- kinda like you see below.
and a cool Photo Gallery.....
So stay tuned to watch the progress and share with me your office how you design it, organize etc.  "ORGANIZED OFFICE/HOME ORGANIZED HEAD!"

Cheers All,