Monday, February 15, 2016

My Blogging Break & Why

Hey There All,

Hope you enjoyed this Valentines Weekend and if in my area of DC staying warm.  You probably noticed I took a bit of a break from posting over the past few weeks.  

In a nutshell I was verbally bullied and stalked by a creep over the past 2 months.  It was pretty upsetting.   Those of you who know me - know I do this for my own pleasure - self taught "techie" for the most part makeup artist and interior designer & most recent PR/Marketer for our restaurants and would not want to offend anyone or to steal someones thunder.  For that matter to do anything other than share my experiences - thoughts and reviews etc..  I received some great recognition from business, websites, magazines and the like - all great however than the ugliness began - msgs - comments - etc....  Mike said sometimes the bad comes with the good.

Like I said I do this for pleasure - a kind of public life journal.  To share my thoughts with anyone who wants to listen.  I seriously don't need negative in my life - who does?  I thought of stopping but to my surprise friends and my husband encouraged me to get back on the horse!  

I will note we have to watch what we put out there.  Like pictures of the outside of my house for Xmas decor  ideas - the house number was on them - Big Mistake - Opps!  Watch you license plate number not being in shots - don't give you exact location when you are right there - wait and post later.  We have to be vigilant online as we are on the streets.  This was a good lesson and thanks to a friend who is in the position to handle creeps we hope he was stopped.  

I will also try and give credit to other blogs or pictures I may use (if not my own photos ) when I can. Again, I do this for fun and to meet and share ideas with people.  I find that most 95% are really helpful, great and supportive and just like to share ideas with like minded creative loving people.  

Anyway,  I will continue my posts as long as it is positive experience for myself and followers.  

Taking photos today for reviews and blog post - so stay tuned and PUPPY TRAINING IS IN FULL FORCE!  

Again,  thank you for you support and encouragement - sending lots of Hugs and Love out there to you all!